Author: Philipp Weinhardt

Recipient: John V. Weinhardt

Description: Letter from Philipp Weinhardt to his brother, John V. Weinhardt, September 22, 1927.

Philipp Weinhardt to John V. Weinhardt, September 22, 1927

English Text

Windsheim 22 September 1927

Dear Hans,

Thanks for your letter containing the birthday greeting and for the five dollars. Unfortunately, I could not reciprocate this year. I can really use the money. There are a number of things I need, including a set of drawing instruments. This year I started getting out of class tutoring for math. It costs 0.80 M for the hour, certainly not too much. At the start of vacation, I installed a light switch in Father and Mother’s bedroom so that Mother can turn the light off without getting out of bed. Last week there was always a short circuit in the cellar. For a long time I could not find the problem. Who would have thought that source of the short would be in the porcelain tube.

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Water had accumulated there, causing the wire to short due to rotted insulation. Once I found the error, I fixed it right away. So much for my domestic work.

You need to tell me if you liked the book “die Wiskottens” by R. Herzog. When I get a chance, I will send you books by other authors, maybe “Faust” by Goethe.

Our founder’s celebration was very nice. Last Sunday we were in Würzburg at the 40th anniversary of the founding of our social group the Alumni Club in 1887. The wine was especially good. Though I should make fun of you “poor Americans,” I drink heartily to your health.

You can join me with a lemonade. So, Prosit!

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If you have read the newspaper today, you will also have read about the Tannenberg celebration, which gave foreign presses an opportunity to attack our Reich President. He said that Germany did not want the war and only took up arms in self-defense. But our enemies don’t want to hear this, especially the “beloved” Poincaré to whom this sounds like Devil’s music. I would be grateful if you could send me some American newspapers that reported on this event. Also, I would thank you if you could send “Popular Mechanics” magazines. Finally: Starting October 1 I will be living in Nürnberg, Hindenburgplatz 8, III St. with Dr. Hoffman.

All my best,

Your Philipp

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