Migrant Connections

Transcribing Together

Philadelphia, March 31, 2020

• Philadelphia, March 31, 2020 •

Since fall 2019, our friends at the Joseph M. Horner Memorial Library of the German Society of Pennsylvania have been gathering almost weekly to puzzle through letters in our collections and transcribe them from Kurrentschrift using our Scripto platform. They’ve been focusing above all on the Eugen & Emma Klee Papers, a collection from the Horner Library that contains letters sent to Philadelphia choral conductor by his family members in the towns of Otterberg, Knittelsheim, and Heuchelheim bei Frankenthal.

The Horner Library group decided that they would not let “stay-at-home” precautions keep them from continuing their work together. We’re so happy that they’ve continued to meet online and to work as a group on transcribing even more letters. Our thanks to them!

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