Collection: Rustemeyer Papers

Author: August Stockebrand

Recipient: Bernard Rustemeyer

Description: Letter from August Stockebrand to Bernard Rustemeyer, June 29, 1922.

August Stockebrand to Bernard Rustemeyer, June 29, 1922

English Text

My dear Cousin Bernard! This year, so far, is like last year. I am again here at the baths in order to improve my health. Now my eyes have become so weak that I can't see very well to write. And so you must pardon the shortcomings which you find in the next lines. Dear cousin Bernard, I and my wife and children are still well so far. Outside of that, you can read in your local papers how things are in Germany. We in Germany are as poor as a church-mouse. know from your youth are still in ... Our money is no longer worth anything. One of your dollars, worth 4.29 Mk before the war, now brings 360 Mk. You as well as all the cousins, Josef, Anton, Ferdinand or you yourself dear Bernard, could live well here in Germany for a few dollars. There are a number of Americans in all of South Germany and also here in Bad Salzschlief. Why don't you come on over? Here you could lay your cares to rest. My house is open to you. Tell all of your brothers. The inflation that prevails here is enormous and now we have for this year .... such as hasn't been seen in 40 years. We cannot buy anything from you because our money, as I wrote you, has no value. For example, 100 pounds of wheat costs 850 Mk, and rye, oats, and barley around 750 Mk. A pound of butter is 80-90- Mk. A pound of pork, 70-80 Mk, of beef, 60-70 Mk. And so with everything else. Clothing and cotton is almost unavailable, because the harvested goods bring nothing as of today. It's that way all over Germany. .... and gardens all froze this winter, and yield nothing in the wake of a drought in May and June. But we no longer suffer the earlier misery. Now, dear Bernard, how are all of you. Hopefully very well. Write very soon. Forgive my lousy handwriting. My eyes are to blame because they are so bad. I must tell you that I cannot read these lines. So if a stroke is missing or superfluous, please excuse. Now in closing, fare well, all of you honorable cousins. Heartfelt greetings to you all and to your wives and children from your cousin, August Stockebrand Please forgive my lousy writing. It's the best I can do. [Post-script:] Just now the dollar rose to 380 Mark.