Collection: Rustemeyer Papers

Author: August Stockebrand

Recipient: Bernard Rustemeyer

Description: Letter from August Stockebrand to Bernard Rustemeyer, January, 1923.

August Stockebrand to Bernard Rustemeyer, January, 1923

English Text

My dear Bernhard, I will dare and add just one small slip of paper and when that is full I'll have to close for now. So healthwise we are still doing well except for my eyes. The same goes for you. I took care of your orders for teacher Brüne concerning his brother-in-law Heinrich Alteköster, and I will pass on your regards to Franz and Anton Alteköster, haven't gone to see them yet. Concerning our business, we are still making good money thanks to you. One liter of spirits now costs between 2500 and 3000 Marks, it is spirits made from monopoly spirits but actually quite good. However, no more spirits have been delivered since September, it looks as if an alcohol prohibition is about to be introduced just like in your country. I still have large stocks, so when you come I can still offer you a great vintage wine [new page] ... from the 1880s. God knows what will become of us. In any case, I will be able to give you much more bad news in my next letter. If dear America does not help us, the French and the Bulgarian are likely to destroy us completely. The year of 1923 will presumably turn out to be the worst to ever loom over Germany, you will get the picture from the newspapers. Now, all you dear cousins Josef, Anton and Ferdinand including your wives and children, especially you, dear cousin Bernhard, farewell, goodbye, if not in this world, then in heaven. But, dear cousin Bernhard, as long as we are alive and the mail service is still delivering letters, and as long as I am able to write, our correspondence shall not end. Now all of you, farewell and let our well or woe rest with destiny. Hoping thus, your loyal cousin concludes this letter in love for you all. Your cousin August (Write soon again/ August)

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