Bertha Meyer to family, Nov. 17, 1870

English Text

Dearest parents, dear sisters! Horkheim, November 17, 1870. My husband just came home and tells me: today you will be especially pleased with me, I am delivering a letter to you, I just got it from the messenger. I am so delighted about the letter since I learn that dear mother is better thanks to God’s help. And this makes me completely well again. There is only [illegible] missing then I am back to full health. My dear ones, you can be quite calm about me. This week I improved greatly. The arrival of the maid also took away a great part of the problem. The girl came Monday at noon and I am happy with her. I had to restore Isak’s honest name since I was so hasty. I will let the first photographer who passes by take her picture then you will get it. Dear father, you are certainly happy now that dear Louise is back at home. I am very pleased that you have a lot to do in the store. Did you already move into the new apartment? Dear mother, please stay still in bed for a while. Rest is a great blessing, I also stay in bed for a long time and in the afternoon I lay down on the coach for an hour or so. That you asked the doctor is now unnecessary. It is what it is. I am comforted, and thank God for it. Dear Louise, I miss you very much. Everywhere it was so empty. I am glad that you had at least some pleasure on your journey. You know how sorry I was that I could not be more attentive to you. I hope it will be better next time. Sofile was already here yesterday and wanted to get her greetings and she brought me a snack, chocolate and a Bundt cake which I liked very much. Dear Ernstine, the people did not want to understand your letter, but I rub it in. Dear aunt tells me that I should stop writing now otherwise I could lose all what is good again. Wholeheartedly I wish you well and I hope to get good news from you soon, my dear ones. This wishes your Berthe Meier. You have to excuse dear aunt today because it is Friday. Greetings from dear Isak and Hermann. If the so-called [illegible] come, please be so kind and send me one of these iron small tiles which I got from Hochbergers for insertion. I could use it for the stove. Bertha Please write an answer right away. You know that this is most pleasant for me. Ditto. [Page 2, Right margin] Another miracle, cousin Michel [?] sent me Huzelbrod today through Hermann. Sofie was not here since then.

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