Collection: Schweitzer-Guggenheimer Letter Collection

Author: Bertha Schweitzer

Berthe Schweitzer to family, May 21, 1870

English Text

Dear all! Horkheim, May 21, 1870 In the pleasant expectation to know that my loved ones are now all merrily back at home, I will send you a few lines with this opportunity in order to ask you about how you met the loved ones and how you traveled and made purchases. I think my question will be answered soon. My dear loved ones, you won’t believe how empty it is here since your departure. If dear Isak had not come on Tuesday soon after I would have followed you. They had again 22 R. [?] and on Wednesday they had none left, for this reason they will go back to Rottweil today. Dear Isak said that you, dear Louise, had brought him such good veal, thank you for it. On Thursday I was also surprised by a visitor, by Mr. Veisel from Mannheim, he came with Lehne's cousin and spent the whole day with us. He was very sorry that he did not meet you here, dear Ernestine. We had a good conversation. Dear father, dear Isak regretted very much that he did not meet you here. Please repeat our visit all the sooner. And you, dear mother, are your sorrows appeased now? I cannot [write] more today, you know how Isak hurries, and constantly wants to go. So I am awaiting a letter from you soon, your Berthe. Monday afternoon at 4:30 Isak will be back in Eyach, God willing. Greetings from all.

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