Collection: Schweitzer-Guggenheimer Letter Collection

Author: Bertha Meyer

Bertha Meyer to family, June 9, 1872

English Text

Dearest parents, dear sisters! Horkheim, June 9, 1872. How should I start the letter, where to begin first? You have pleased me so much with your wellbeing which I learned from the letter that I received on Tuesday and the one with the little box that I got on Friday. However, you sent me too many things. I cannot return the favor so easily again. Therefore I say today my heartfelt thank you. I will use the next opportunity to share. Everything arrived so beautifully and well. The boots fit like a glove dear Louise has a good eye. I had to laugh about the small bowl. I put it aside so that nothing gets scalded. My dear ones, you will have much to do at the moment until the new merchandise is arranged. I would love to help you with it. How is the business in Imnau? Is dear Ernestine already used to it? Since it is still [illegible] weather it will still be milder up there especially in the spa [town]. Yesterday was the wedding of Meyer, the American. My dear loved ones, you will laugh if I write to you that I attended the same. As the saying goes: Better a [unclear] than a [unclear]. I was urgently invited by his parents, even Meier himself was there. Dear Isak also said that I should not ponder about it and take it as it comes. Therefore I just got beautifully dressed and the carriages arrived at 9 o’clock to pick us up. I had my hair done beautifully. Sofie also gave me something that I needed, so that I compared favorably. My dear Isak was so sincerely delighted when he saw me dressed so beautifully and in a cheerful mood. There was extraordinary good food. I drank more champagne than wine. The Frankfurters are such noble, rich people. I don’t want to bore you otherwise I will write about their clothes to you, dear sisters. The bride is such a sweet girl. She enjoyed talking with everybody. As far as I know she changed her clothes 3 times. In the morning a raw silk petticoat with a white tulle top, and for the wedding ceremony Atlas with white silk for the robe and a train of three cubits. The diamonds sparkled there. The mother was still much more noble, her sister was wearing diamond jewelry so that the gems spelled out her name. I have also been blessed with presents for the table from dear aunt [and] from Sofie and dear Isak had sent me a white silk cap, very beautiful. Aunt [gave me] some bits and bobs and Sofie very nice woolen socks and boots. Don’t you agree that I can accept this when I always get things. How are my dear ones, I already talked much about me, did Julius write yet? Isak does not know about the letter and I cannot tell him about it, but he knows that you wrote, dear Luise. You still don’t have a letter, but he did not say anything to me. You will be so good and tell me soon how things are. Hermann has invited him as far as I know. They don’t have much left of the beef. I have to thank you on behalf of dear Isak for the meat that he liked very much. I am glad that the holidays are approaching, otherwise he will want to leave again. Dear father is going to come to Hermann's wedding, or [what about] you, dear mother. It would be a little pleasure trip for you, it would not hurt. I think it is best for me if I stay at home, although I would like to be there, what you think, dear Mother? Dear Ernstine, enjoy yourself. A young man will also come from here, [named] Kallmann. I will also give you a job. Please bring me things from the store. I will rather give the money to you than to strangers. For dear Isak a wallet, but no Mauschef [Yiddish word in German-lettering = bad quality] since he needs a good one, I don’t mind the price. And for Sofie something that you like, a flower hat or something else. For Hermann and Minna only small things, you have to spend enough money. I already took care of the other wedding guests, you can address them and take them with you shortly. But only use one address so that no stranger gets things. Take care of it well. I could still write a lot, but I have so much to do, I want to iron, therefore I must close. Be so nice and write back as soon as possible. Have a happy holiday your Berthe. I enclose two Thaler bills so that you can pay for the things, but you don’t need to spend it all. [page 4, left margin] If you write then write that you received the letter indeed - because of the money.

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