Collection: Schweitzer-Guggenheimer Letter Collection

Author: Hermann Bach

Recipient: Isaac Schweitzer

Description: Hermann Bach to Isaac Schweitzer, September 28, 1898.

Hermann Bach to Isaac Schweitzer, September 28, 1898

English Text

Isidor Bach ------------------------ Telegram address: Bach clothing factory. ------------------------ Reichsbank Checking Account. ------------------------ Telephone No 562 Private Munich, September 28, 1898 Dear Mr. Schweizer! With [illegible abbreviation, = my?] [letter] today I allow myself to approach you in a strictly confidential matter. As you know I work with your nephew Mr. Herm. Hirsch since the opening of the business and I granted him a larger credit - of course in the assumption that I get hold of [illegible abbreviation, = my?] money within 6, but not later than within 12 months. However, the account grows more and more and despite of repeated requests it is only possible for me to receive relatively small amounts in [illegible]- Valt Penon [?] bills of exchange. Today the debit balance of the account is about M 7500 without the winter goods, which will account for about 4 thousand. I would like to ask you now if you are aware of what causes these exceptionally slow payments. Even if I do not want to pressure Mr. Hirsch, you will still understand that I cannot grant such long payment terms for such high credits and that I have to insist on receiving these long expired assets. In the event, however, that you are getting ready to declare to take over the guarantee for my claim, I could leave Mr. Hirsch a little bit more time to settle his account. I beg you not to take offense with my [letter] today, and remain respectfully yours! Hermann Bach.

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