Collection: Schweitzer-Guggenheimer Letter Collection

Author: Hirsch Schweitzer

Schweitzer family letter, May 20, 1865

English Text

Mühringen, May 20, 1865. Dear Isak! Your letter together with the package was sent to us correctly. We learned from it that you are well. We can say the same from us. Our dear mother rushes to send you something from our merchandise as well for the days off - although I have even almost no time to wrap it. There is a lot to do since we have the spice business. Every day I make sure that the glass business can proceed in its usual ways. I leave the rest to Ernstine and Luise. On Saturday Raphael was here. He has visited us several times. This time he did little business. He tells us that he will engage in a large trial with Levin. But in Wurttemberg he will not gain much. You talk about Emil because you are afraid of our trial. Since then nothing has happened at the court. Sooner or later I will take care of it myself. Please give the enclosed watch to Rosenfeld. Have a nice holiday on Easter. I am looking forward to good news soon, your father H. Schweizer Dear brother! First, we beg your pardon that we did not immediately answer your esteemed letter including the package. That happens because of the many business transactions that we really have to do. Thank you, dear Isak, for the beautiful and useful gift for my confirmation. I was very pleased about it and I was especially delighted about the beautiful letter. I will follow your instructions and do everything as it should be done. I am very pleased that you are content with dear Berthe. I will close, I have no more time to continue writing. Therefore greetings to you from your sister Ernestine. Next time more. [Letter in Yiddish/Judeo-German] My dear Isak, Hearty but hasty greetings. We all [? Fold in page] have so much to do all the time that I had no spare time to drop you a line. Wishing you very good holidays and hoping that you liked the k----t [indecipherable due to fold in paper]. Best wishes from your mother [signed Malchen Sch. in Latin characters] [Back of letter] Isak Schweizer Karlsruhe Dear Louise has no time.

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