Leopold Haase to Charles Haase, January 2, 1903

English Text

[stationery heading] Leopold Haase Master Furrier [end stationery heading] Hettstedt, January 2nd, 1903 Dear Uncle, Auntie, Cousins & Cousins [both masculine & feminine forms of the word are used] First of all, the information that your most esteemed cards & letters have arrived into my hands. Please accept from all of us the very heartiest wishes for the already begun New Year, that it will bring good fortune to every single one of your dear family, sent from afar by your respectful and devoted Leopold Haase Family. (page 2) Now then dear Uncle! Here's my order, in the hope that this is the right time to get some good wares. 1. 400 pieces good rauch dark Raccoon 250 do lesser quality of same 250 do Mink at the same price as previously 200 do Mink smaller or cheaper Mink, maybe 5 to 6 Marks. 300 do good Opposum 140 do Skungs, if these are reasonably good, I might have a very important customer for them, also Mink. And now, again 40 pieces prime Mink dark full 40 do middle Mink do 40 do paler Mink 100 do good rauch black Muskrat 300 do good rauch brown do 2 do good rauch Virginia Otter, 50 do good rauch dark Raccoon 50 do lesser quality" Raccoon 100 do large good rauch dark blue Skung. 5 0 do lesser quality Skung 3. 50 pieces good rauch large Raccoon. 50 do do do do Mink 50 pieces good do do Opposum. 100 pieces good do do brown Muskrat