Collection: Geschwind Papers

Author: Leopold Haase

Recipient: Charles Haase

Leopold Haase to Charles Haase, October 28, 1905

English Text

Reval, 28 Oct. '05 Dear Charles! Day before yesterday I mailed to you six copies of the local newspapers, giving reports about the reign of terror here these days, in the hope of satisfying your curiosity about it. Two weeks ago it was absolutely terrifying here! A revolver shot went right through two panes of my largest shop window. Since then there's been nothing but the greatest excitement around here, which shows no sign of letting up. God only knows what will happen next. Otherwise, we are all in good health. For many days now we've kept the shutters closed for most of the time. It's been a little quieter in the last couple of days. Give my heartfelt regards to all! to ALL! Letters will follow soon. A thousand greetings! your Leopold.

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