Collection: Grupe Family Letters

Author: Gustave Grupe

Recipient: Marie Kreplin (Grupe)

Description: Letter from Gustave Grupe to his aunt, Marie Grupe, September 3, 1913.

Gustave Grupe to Marie Grupe, September 3, 1913

English Text

Page 1 Hamburg Ohlsdorf, 3rd Sept 1913. My dear aunt! When I look back now and then into my distant past, my parents, my brothers appear in my memory. You have been taking their place in this way for about 40 years. I deal with you quite often. I feel the need to address a few lines to you again. even at the risk of my news being pretty meager. As far as you can hear, the harvest in all of Germany has turned out well, only occasionally impaired by the rain that fell just at the time of the grain harvest. _ I was with my sister in the "Teutoburger Forest" for a week with the 2 children. This tour was favored by the best weather. Was that a joy for the little ones. Since I am still a vigorous pedestrian myself, I was often out and about with the little ones. they couldn't get enough of the mountains covered with beautiful forests. But the joy was just as great when we got back home, they still like to think back to these beautiful days today. Once you've experienced the darker side of life, you shouldn't grumble against fate. My big cause is on the right track. Nor should one otherwise be ungrateful. I have a lot in advance of many people. I am 66 years old and have never had a heart condition. I was also very fortunate to get a good wife 38 years ago. Page 2 Always diligent, economical, and extremely clean, she has also borne the misfortune honestly, even if her health suffered more than mine. Our material circumstances are such that, as humanly possible, we never need to suffer hardship. _ Aren't those good moments? how few can say that of themselves. _ My spirit and my disposition are getting happier and happier again, then I included the funny little story for you, I assume that you like to read something like that again, as it helps to cheer up your old days. And who doesn't think of his own youth, no matter how far back it is. As I have already written, I am “building” small houses again. However, my business is only small and I do not undertake any major tasks. It distracts the mind more. from the unpleasant things I recently went through, but a company that is too big doesn't have a lot of sunny sides, especially at my age. My opponents have protested against my favorable verdict. It starts again in November, but most likely in my favor and will be decisive towards the end of this year. I will then write to you immediately. _ And now, dear aunt, keep yourself quite healthy. I recommend me to Amelie, to my other relatives and greetings from your faithful nephew Gustav Grupe and wife How is Mr. and Mrs. Barthol?