Isaac Schweitzer to Schweitzer family, March 25, 1867

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Harrisburg, March 25, 1867

Dear parents and siblings!

Since Mr. Weil is just writing [a letter] to Germany and allows me to enclose a few lines I would like to confirm that I received your letter from the 17th of last month. I can report our best well-being and I was pleased to hear the same [from you].

The purpose of this [letter] is to shed light on the misapprehension for which you reproach me, dear Ernestine. I neither wrote to Mina Levy a second time nor - even less -  did I pay her a visit. It is a nasty and rude lie and I cannot imagine that one could write something like that from America to Germany. You can let Louis Levy know that I cannot believe that he and his whole family [Hebrew] are such ragtags and riffraff. 

What do I care about Mina, I never had anything to do with her. Such an old rascal [literally: rag animal], she should go to hell. I don’t want to write more about it. It is not worth the trouble, but first I had to laugh, then I was angry when I read these things. I was pleased that you did not write about it, dear parents, so that I also did not attach too much importance to it. The uncles can attest to (the fact) that I like money more than to spend it this way.  It is a trip that would cost about $60. Even the uncles were angry about such lies. The latest news is that I will also move to Philadelphia. I will send details from there, but please send your letters to here until further notice.

Best regards from your Isaac Schweitzer. 


Dearest brother and sister-in-law and children.

I use this good opportunity to let you know that we are all quite well, thank God. I hope the same of all of you in this regard.  There is only very little news. The times are still not good for making a living.

This week I am thus going to move away from here to Philadelphia with my family. I gave Isaac the choice to stay here or to go with us to Philadelphia. He decided that he would prefer to go into business in Philadelphia. There are more chances for a young man and it is in a big city where you can do what you want. We will write more details from Philadelphia.

My address is 1109 Brown St. between 11th and 12th St. Philadelphia, Pa.

Best regards to all my relatives from your dear brother-in-law

  1. Schweitzer.

Next week my brother-in-law I/T. Ernenberg [?] is also going to move to Philadelphia.


[p. 2, left margin, Salomon’s handwriting]: Not one syllable is true in Mina Levy’s letter. How we laughed about such lies.

Mr. Hirsch Schweitzer

[illegible] insert Mühringen

[upside down]

Be so kind and put this in an envelope and bring this letter to the post office.

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