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Author: Caroline Steierberg


Sophie Schunemann (Flentge)

Carl Christian Ludwig Flentge

Description: Letter from Caroline ("Lina") Steierberg to Carl and Sophie Flentge, March 6, 1907. Carl Flentge immigrated to the United States in the early 1850s; Lina Steierberg was the daughter of his sister Charlotte Flentge Steierberg.

Caroline Steierberg to Carl and Sophie Flentge, March 6, 1907

English Text

Cathrinhagen, 6.3.07

Dear Uncle and Aunt,

Have had the urge to write to you forever. But so far I've had no time. Now I am at home from February 1 till April 1. I was in Hannover and learned how to cook there. My last stay was in Hameln where I did not have a good employment, I was there for 4 months. I don't know where I will work next. Now I regret that I did not go with you. If only Father and Mother wanted to

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I would already be there. I think that some time you want to come to Germany again. When we remember the time we all went on the roundabout, that still makes us all happy. Here we had quite a winter with much frost and snow. But now the sun is already shining, nice and warm. Until now we have still had night frosts. Dear Uncle, you might want to write to Father

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what your birds are up to. During those 6 years that you have been gone again, much has changed here already. Father and Mother are also now getting old already and weak. Father has turned 61 and Mother will be 52. My sisters, brother-in-law and brothers are all still in good health as well. I hope that all of you together are still rather well, dear Uncle and dear Aunt. Now I must

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tell you something quite new. But you mustn't hold it against me. For Christmas I had asked you for a new ladies' watch. But my joy was in vain. Now I just have to write it to you again. I am now a cook so I need to own a watch, don't I? I thought that my aunt had sent me one, but obviously she has already forgotten me completely.

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There is no more news that I can tell you this time around.

Many thousand greetings from all of us together

Also many thousand greetings from Flentgen

Please do write again immediately, but don't forget

Caroline Steierberg

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