Collection: Eversmann Family Letters

Author: Julius Eversmann

Description: Letter from Julius Eversmann to Lewis Eversmann, August 26, 1852.

Julius Eversmann to Lewis Eversmann, August 26, 1852

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Tampico August 26, 1852

Dear brother Ludwig,

your dear letter from May 18th did me well and I gathered from it that everything is pretty much as usual at your end. - However, I was surprised to hear that your wife promises to turn you into a new father yet again this coming fall, and I wish you good luck. My family, too, will probably expand in December which - to be honest - I am not happy about, because new sorrows arise with this proliferation of my family , and besides, I would be more than satisfied with the family that I already have; however, there is no other alternative than: to take them as they come!

I have heard some of what has happened between sister Marie and Emilie; yet I did not get my news from Marie, and thus it was not obvious that Emilie was to bear the whole brunt of it. In order to judge fairly you must have heard both sides before! Anyway, Marie seems to be somewhat very particular! For example, what offensive difference can she possibly see in the fact that either I or my wife send her news about me? If I do not carry out my family correspondence myself, it is because quite often I do not have the time to do so, and partly also because I have a future secretary in the person of my wife. - I cannot be bothered with such niceties and I will not care much about them once I return to Germany, which hopefully will already be the case next summer.

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that is to say, I have decided to dissolve my establishment towards the end of this year, and around April or May I hope to have made enough progress with its liquidation to be able to start my withdrawal with bag and baggage and wife. My travel route so far is still uncertain, however I believe that my itinerary will be as follows: New Orleans, Missisipi, Niagara, New York. It will depend on the circumstances whether it will be feasible to pay you a visit, and I will discuss this with you when the time is ripe. - If it can be done, I think it best to arrive in Washington [?[ Mo. [/?] with my whole family, to go back to my old quarters there and to visit you from there and to be visited by you. - I am well aware of the fact that you are not prepared to host all of my brood! If we follow the above mentioned suggestion, you will be spared any unnecessary trouble and it looks to me to be the only way in which this visit can be facilitated at all. - Tampico's trade relations are getting worse and worse, without any prospect for improvement, and thus it is time to depart from here, if I do not want to forfeit what I have gained here in many years with lots of sweat! To comply with my wife's wish, I intend to settle in Bonn for the time being. - If I do not like it there or if life at home is in vain concerning my income /: which at the moment consists of my capital :/ I will move on until I find what I am looking for! Farewell, give my regards to everybody from your brother


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