Collection: Eversmann Family Letters

Author: Julius Eversmann

Recipient: Lewis Eversmann

Description: Letter from Julius Eversmann to Lewis Eversmann, June 22, 1848.

Julius Eversmann to Lewis Eversmann, June 22, 1848

English Text

Bonn, June 22, 1848

Dear brother Ludwig!

Relatives of Mayor Finkelnburg, a friend of Carl's and von Duden's, are about to leave this area and to buy themselves something in the United States. Father Finkelnburg cannot himself depart for the time being, he is to follow his family at a later time. Can you help these good people in their endeavors, with advice and action, and support them, this way you will do us all a favor. They are not poor, and I am sure that their expectations will not exceed that.

Brother Carl returned from Berlin four days ago where he had visited his sisters and his Julchen, the trip did him good, his little daughter Marichen was with him. One of your letters had arrived at the sisters' while he was there. Our dear Germany still looks very crazy and confused; great accumulations of [deported people?] are discussing new laws to establish a state, but cannot  achieve anything meaningful,

[left side/envelope:]

Mr Lewis Eversmann
Unitet States
Staat Missuri
Warren County      

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in the meantime the bonds of order and lawfulness in the interior are dissolving more and more and we are plainly approaching anarchy. God knows how this chaos is going to end. You can consider yourself happy to be living in a quiet and lawful country now; our circumstances here will definitely make for a lot of new immigrants for you this year. Say hello to your dear wife and children and receive a heartfelt greeting yourself from

your faithful brother

Gustav Eversmann

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