Collection: Kamp Family Letters

Author: Hermann Kamp

Recipient: Bernard Kamp

Description: Letter from Hermann Kamp to Bernard Kamp, 1883.

Hermann Kamp to Bernard Kamp, 1883

English Text

Emsdetten, [illegible] 1883

Dear Brother and Sister-in-Law!

We have received your letter and seen from it that your wife was ill. I would like to comfort her in her suffering, we must all give ourselves to the will of God, but we hope that this letter finds you in best health. We are all quite healthy and happy.

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We had a good harvest this year, it also very cheap. The earnings here are also very good. But this winter we had a big fire. The factory and weaving mill of Franz Mül, the son, burned down. It looked really sad there – five hundred people were without work. My daughter was among them. It’s restored already, it’s already been eight weeks. We read in your last letter that our brother Gerhard was not happy. Dear Bernhard write me what’s wrong with him, whether he is sick or whether something else is wrong because I am very sad that I can not get even a single letter from him because I haven’t forgotten him. If the trip were not so far then we would come and visit you and see how it is with you. But because that can’t happen, we will ask dear God that He keep you healthy and give you a long life and let us all stand at His side on Judgment Day. Herewith I will close my letter. Greetings from your sister and my children. H.

Greetings from your sister Theresia’s children. They are all healthy and happy, the youngest son has first communion this May.

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