Kamp Family Letters

Kamp Family Circle

Author: Hermann Kamp

Recipient: Bernard Kamp

Description: Letter from Hermann Kamp to Bernard Kamp, February 24, 1895.

Hermann Kamp to Bernard Kamp, February 24, 1895

English Text

Emsdetten, February 24, 1895

Dearly beloved Brothers and Sisters-in-Law Sons and Daughters!

I cannot help but to write to you because we have not heard from you for several years.  We are all still alive, but I am old and cannot do much more Emsdetten has become bigger and bigger for several years  Emsdetten now has 8000 souls because it is now a city  We have 10 factories, in several factories there go 3-4 hundred men.

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The wages are pretty good here – many earn 2-3 Marks, groceries are cheap here.  Rye costs 9 Thaler wheat 12.  We got a big new factory this summer.  It lies 10 minutes from our house.  Dear brothers if you came to Emsdetten then you could never believe that it’s Emsdetten because it’s built up with houses up to our house.  We have 2 churches here – a Catholic one and a Lutheran one.  We have 5 Catholic priests.  We have 13 schools here we have a new big beautiful hospital with a chapel.  We’re also getting a new church yard

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the old one is too small.  Bernhard Böbbel and his children are still healthy also Gertrud and her children are healthy!

I can’t write you much news

Dearest brothers write me soon again how you are all doing because I’m longing for a letter.  Now I’ll close the letter Hermann Kamp

Greetings from my children greetings from Gertrude and her children

Greetings from Bernhard

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Böbbel and his children

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