Collection: Dorothea Handel (Schuhmacher) Family Letters

Author: Gottfried Handel

Recipient: Dorothea Handel (Schuhmacher)

Description: Letter from Gottfried Handel to Dorothea Handel (Schuhmacher), May 13, 1858.

Gottfried Händel to Dorothea Schuhmacher, May 13, 1858

English Text

Bretten, 13 May 1858

Dear Dorothea!

By request of your Mother, I take up my pen to write to you of my opinion and our wishes. Because you are so often sick, we all wish that you should be with us again, so we could be better able to help you and stand by your side. You could all live with us, and would certainly be happier than in America.

Business in general is doing well here, and especially so in your husband’s profession. The Wöhrles are running a good business. The have installed a steam engine, and any locksmith looking for work can be employed there. They have often asked about your husband and whether he will be coming back. They pay good wages because there is so much work to do, since most of the local locksmiths have died.

You wouldn’t have to worry about firewood, lodging, and food, as you would have all of that with your parents. Your husband would easily find acceptance because there is so much to do for a locksmith. If one needs work done by a locksmith, one sometimes has to wait longer than six months. Locksmith Leonhart works all year with five apprentices and still can’t catch up.

So don’t you and your husband delay and come here as soon as you can, so your Mother can find peace. You shouldn’t procrastinate; your mother had an apparition from which she learned that she will see you again.

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