Collection: Crede Family Papers


Clotilde Schröder (Crede)

Heinrich Carl Crede

Recipient: Margarete Versen (Schröder Classen)

Description: Letter from Carl Heinrich Crede and Clothilde Crede to Clothilde Crede's mother, Margarete Classen, April 9, 1847. The first portion of the letter (pages 1, 2, and the beginning of page 3) was written by Carl Heinrich Crede; the remainder by Clothilde Crede. This letter discusses inheritance arrangements involving the family of Margarete Classen's first husband, Franz Anton Schröder, who was the father of her three children, Clothilde, Hermann, and Christiane. Margarete and Franz Anton Schröder immigrated to the United States with their children Hermann and Christiane, who married Friedrich Charles Huber. After her first husband's death, Margarete married Johann Classen. In order to receive the inheritance she was due from the estate of Franz Anton Schröder's father, Margarete is asked to send a notarized letter stating that she made an agreement about the inheritance of her property with the children of her first marriage before she married Classen and to have the letter confirmed by her son Hermann and by Friedrich Huber (her daughter Christiane having died years earlier). At the conclusion of the letter Clothilde Crede shares the names and birth dates of her children.

Carl Heinrich and Clothilde Crede to Margarete Classen, April 9, 1847

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