Collection: Community Contributions

Author: Wilhelm Dickel

Recipient: Frederick Wilhelm Dickel

Description: This November 1921 letter was sent by Wilhelm Dickel of Hörde, in Westphalia, to his uncle Frederick Wilhelm Dickel, who had immigrated to the United States as a young man and lived in Amana, Iowa. The letter, however, was eventually delivered to Frederick George Dickel, another member of the Dickel family, who had also immigrated from Germany to Iowa. Frederick George's son, Daniel Dickel, explained in a later letter (see Daniel Dickel to Wilhelm Dickel, February 8, 1922) that Frederick Wilhelm Dickel had died some time earlier.

Wilhelm Dickel to Frederick Wilhelm Dickel, November 16, 1921

English Text

Hörde, 11/16/1921

Dear ones,

From a distant homeland your living relatives send you heartfelt greetings.

Our father, Ludwig Dickel, born in Berleburg in Westfalen, has been dead for 25 years. Also his brother, Philipp Dickel, died 14 years ago unmarried at Schwerte. We 3 brothers are yet the only ones from the Dickel line in Germany.

When I was still a child, our father told us that two of his brothers had traveled to America, but that he had heard no more from them, because he left his home area and went to Hörde. I have learned through searching in the old church books, that the brothers of my father were named Johann Georg Dickel, born May 22, 1833 at Schüllar on the Stein near Berleburg and Frederich Wilhelm Dickel, born the 17th of January, 1830 at Wemlighausen near Berleburg. These 2 Dickels are probably living no more, but their children will hopefully receive this letter.

We 3 brothers were born in Hörde and work in a large factory. Brother Ludwig is 52 years old and has 3 children. Brother August is 47 and has 5 children. I, Wilhelm Dickel am 40 and have also 5 children.

It would please us if this letter reaches you and we receive an indication that you are alive, so that we see that of our Dickel family, relatives in America are still living.

I request from you sincerely a rapid response and greet you while waiting.

With German greetings,

Your cousin,

Wilhelm Dickel

Hörde in Westfalen

Steinkühlerweg A Straße 6

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