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Höllmüller Family Letters

Author: Fritz Höllmüller

Recipient: Caroline Höllmüller (Rauch)

Description: This postcard was sent to Caroline ("Lina") Höllmüller from her brother Fritz in 1910. She was born in 1881 near Neureichenau, in a picturesque area of eastern Bavaria, where family operated a resort for travelers. In 1902, she immigrated to the United States. She spent some time working as a nanny in Kansas City, Missouri, where she received this postcard in 1910. The next year she moved to Chicago, where in 1913 she married Joseph A. Rauch. She lived in Chicago for the remainder of her life.

Fritz Höllmüller to Lina Höllmüller, March 4, 1910

English Text


Munich, 4 March 1910

Dear sister! Your card receives its first sign of life after a year. It's about time. Bertha sent us your photograph. Thank you for that. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the little ones at the moment, but I will have them copied soon. Neither do I have any of Käthi. You will just have to come and look at them yourself. How long will you stay over there? And are you otherwise well? We are healthy too [?] the Yblaggers [/?], as well as mother and the rest of the riffraff; 

[vertical divider; address block:]

Miss Lina Höllmüller

2743 Madison Str.

Kansas City



[top-right corner, upside down:]

we are now living at:

Bruckmesterstr. 8/III. by [?] Prinzengartentor [/?]

[top-left corner, upside down:]

Greetings from us all - Fritz

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