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Author: Wilhelm Egberts

Description: Letter from Wilhelm Egberts to his stepsons, Wilhelm and George Tegtmeyer, April 12, 1927. The letter was written to inform the brothers of their mother's death.

Wilhelm Egberts to Wilhelm Tegtmeyer and George Tegtmeyer, April 12, 1927

English Text

Oldenburg, the 12th of April, 1927

My dear children:

I have some sad news, our dear mother is no longer with us, she died on the 12th at 3 a.m.

She had been sick for 7 weeks it was her heart and kidney, and she was feeling a little butter, but on top of all that she got the flu. Monday evening the doctor came and gave her a shot, because she had so much trouble breathing, after the shot she started breathing easier and went to sleep.

Linda was sleeping in the same room with Mother, at midnight we looked in on her and she was sleeping, and at 2 AM we realized she had died in her sleep. She looked like she was still asleep. She died without more pain very quietly.

My dear son Willy, you have lost a very dear and loving mother, and I am an old, very unhappy father. I lost everything when your mother died, your mother was the best and most important thing in my life, without her life is a burden, wish I could have died with her. My happiness has gone. I loved her so much, we always were very happy. She had so much worry in her life and now she is sleeping peacefully.

We have always hoped we could die together, and now she has left me alone. Life has no meaning for me anymore. We loved each other more than most people do. My dear son, what can I do alone in the world. I am sitting here watching her peaceful face, flowers around her deathbed, she always liked lots of flowers. Mother always told me, if she should die before I do, I should live with Berta, but I can’t do that, I can not leave her alone here. I can visit her at the cemetery every day, otherwise I’ll have too much time on my hands.

I will move in with Linda, she is such a good daughter.

My dear son I am so upset and really don’t know what is left for me in this world, sending you last greetings from mother and don’t forget your old father. Our love to you.

Your father & sisters.

Please write soon.