Collection: Weinhardt Family Letters

Author: Hans V. Weinhardt

Description: Letter from Hans V. Weinhardt to William W. Weinhardt, April 26, 1923. The letter marked the first contact between the Weinhardt family in Schwabach and their relatives in Indiana in several decades. In the letter, Hans explains that he had found evidence at the Schwabach town hall that members of the Weinhardt family had immigrated to Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1848 and asks if William W. Weinhardt is descended from them. It was eventually determined that Hans' father was William Weinhardt's third cousin.

Hans V. Weinhardt to William W. Weinhardt, April 26, 1923

English Text

Schwabach, April 26, 1923

Germany - Bavaria

near Nürnberg

Dear Relative!

Please excuse this salutation, but I wonder if you are not related to us, since the name Weinhardt is rather rare in my opinion. Even if you are not a relative, we definitely know of a Weinhardt family that immigrated to Fort Wayne in North America between 1848 and 1849 and certainly there must be descendants.

We have become acquainted with the Heischmann family in Independence, and we learned of you from them. We obtained your address from the police in Lafayette. Until recently, we had no knowledge of any relatives in America, but I wanted to learn more about our ancestors. To that end, I rummaged through old documents at our city hall, since all our forebears lived in Schwabach, and I found a record of emigration for a Weinhardt family. This family consisted of 8 persons. In 1848, the father and his oldest son emigrated to Fort Wayne in Indiana and his wife and other children followed in 1849. We are related to this family as illustrated in the enclosed family tree (see pages 2 and 3) which I

[page 2]

compiled as best I could.

Dear relative, we would be thankfully indebted to you if you could tell us about the descendants of this family so that we could complete our family tree. We would appreciate hearing from you soon.


Weinhardt Family
Schwabach, Ludwig Strasse 13

Since my father is ill at the moment, I wrote this letter on his behalf.

Hans Weinhardt
City Government Intern

Our Family:

Father: Hans Weinhardt, Jail Superintendent, born May 26, 1869
Mother: Margarete Weinhardt, née Riebel, born July 7, 1872

Children: Marie Weinhardt, Secretary, born January 17, 1901
Johanne Weinhardt, Seamstress, born August 11, 1902
Hans Weinhardt, City Government Intern, born September 13, 1907
Philipp Weinhardt, Student, born September 25, 1908

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