Collection: Weinhardt Family Letters

Author: Hans V. Weinhardt

Description: Letter from Hans V. Weinhardt to William W. Weinhardt, June 25, 1923.

Hans V. Weinhardt to William W. Weinhardt, June 25, 1923

English Text

Schwabach June 25, 1923

Germany – Bavaria District

Middle Franconia

To Mr.

William Weinhardt Ex-Sheriff

North America – Indiana Columbia St. 525

My Dear Mr. Relative,

Today we received your valued letter of June 10 as well as the letter written by Mr. Jungmeier, and we thank you very much for them. We had thought that our letters of April 30 and June 10 would remain unanswered, and that we would never learn anything about our relatives in America.

We had no problem translating your letter written in English, since my brother and I are learning the English language.

It was with great joy that we learned that you are indeed a descendent of the brewer family Weinhardt that emigrated in 1848-49 to Fort Wayne, North America, and that we are somewhat closely related, since my great grandfather and your grandfather were by all appearances brothers. I will do all I can to construct an accurate family tree of the Weinhardt family. Would you kindly fill out the enclosed forms and send them to me. I have located the emigration documents for the Weinhardt family that emigrated to America, so that I can personally make copies. The documents are very interesting and provide accurate insight into the background of the Weinhardt family. Maybe you will have the opportunity sometime to read these documents yourself, which should indeed be most useful to you, since the brewer Joh. Michael Weinhardt, b 1801 in Schwabach and his son Hermann Weinhardt b 1829 in Schwabach were your grandfather and father.

We also learned from your letter that you know a young lady named Salome Ungersma who lives in Munich on Kaulbacherstrasse, and who studies music there.

I will visit Munich on July 13, 1923. The German Gymnastics Festival takes place there from July 13 til July 21, 1923, and I will visit the Fräulein, who will hopefully tell me something about my family in America. My father will also come along, as you will read in his enclosed letter.

In closing, I would like to ask you, dear Mr. Relative, to let me know about the conditions in America: is there opportunity for a businessman, because my greatest wish would be to someday come to America to visit my relatives and to further my education as a businessman.

My father will describe the situation in Germany in his letter.

Once again, I thank you Dear Mr. Cousin and Mr. Jungmeier for your valued letters and I hope we will continue to exchange letters in the future.

Hans Weinhardt Jr.

P.S. I wrote this letter on a typewriter, because I think it will be easier for Mr. Jungmeier to read.