Collection: Dobberpuhl Family Letters

Author: C.J. Gottlieb Klug

Recipient: Carl Christian Dobberpuhl

Description: Letter from C.J. Gottlieb Klug to Carl Christian Dobberpuhl, May 25, 1847.

C.J. Gottlieb Klug to Carl Christian Dobberpuhl, May 25, 1847

English Text

Dear Brother in Law, Sister and dear children, also dear Son in law and his dear children and all friends in the foreign country!

Your letter from Dec. 16th, after a long time, I received after hopefully waiting and see that all of you are healthy and alive. We wish that these few words will find all of you in long lasting health through god’s mercy and generosity. As far as I am concerned and my little son, Hermann, also our dear Brother, Wilhelm with his dear wife and 3 children, Dorthea Mueller in Trestin and also our beloved mother-in-law Mrs. Tanken with her children in Wittenfelde, we are fairly healthy and alive, and obliged to praise God’s goodness. After a long lasting sickness, my dear wife was taken from me, Jan. 21st, 8 p.m., through death, and I am now a widower and my little son an orphan, which makes me very sad and worried. If my weak faith in God’s word would not give me consolation, I would be very scared and afraid; but it consoles me that she had presence of mind, when she died, and the last day before leaving this world, the Holy Sacrament asked for and received. At confession and questions by the minister H.G. Meyer she gave him dear answers and reasons for her Christian Faith. Mine and her wish for peace with God and in eternity through his mercy has been received.

So far with the help of the Holy Trinity, I have fulfilled my job at school. Since God took my helper away, and I am now hampered in several undertakings, I will soon have to leave this school job, not because I am forced to but on account of my own weakness and clumsiness. In my younger years, I had many friends whom I could serve, and serve I did. Since I am weak and helpless, looking for any help and consolation, my good friends, my closest friends and their help are far removed and I can hear no words of advice or consolation from them. But dear children, don’t feel bad about what I am writing, you will also find out what I am going through now, but I don’t wish it for you. It is very hard for couples who lead a satisfied life, and are separated by death forever. God advises and comforts when we need it, and gives us faith and trust in all matters. My servant girl who is serving me since last fall, is Hanna Lütke from Grambow, who was raised by Kraegels and was confirmed shortly before she came to me.

Johann Schulz in Grambow committed suicide and his son Friedrich has sold the property to Ludwig Kraegel. Carrier of this letter will tell you more about it. May God save us from such insanity and desperation by being merciful.

Here everything is expensive right now, which makes many of us fearful. The bushel [of] Rye costs [?] and [?] costs [?] and the potatoes [?] and so are all groceries are high. God wants to teach us to accept his gifts with gratitude, and not to misuse them, as is so often the case!

You write of good and inexpensive times, but take this to heart and don’t forget your needy brothers and sisters in your homeland. Think about Joseph, and what he did for his friends, when God made him wealthy. Lately several people in this district have considered going to America but too high priced times scares many, because their savings may not be enough to cover the travel cost. Brother Wilhelm in Trestin is weak too, and was sick around Whitsunday. We wish, and beg God to give him back his health!

Now all of us great friends and family over there, J.G. Klug and my son, Hermann, Wilhelm Klug and his wife and children, Dorthea Mueller from Trestin, [Mrs. Tanken] with her children from Wittenfelde and my maid Hanna Lütke.

Staartz 25 May 1847
C.J.G. Klug

I remain your friend and soul Brother into eternity, farewell all of you, and write soon, whoever is living.