Collection: Dobberpuhl Family Letters

Author: C.J. Gottlieb Klug

Recipient: Carl Christian Dobberpuhl

Description: Letter from C.J. Gottlieb Klug to Carl Christian Dobberpuhl, April 22, 1851.

C.J. Gottlieb Klug to Carl Christian Dobberpuhl, April 22, 1851

English Text

The Trinity be with us all at this time and lead us through confessing and believing into Eternity. 

Friends and relatives and especially Dear Sister Dearest and nieces and nephews, I should like to write everything in Christian love and truth, that’s why l say now, God may always be with us and lead our thinking and will, after His word and will, through our lifetime into eternity.  

Dear Friends, we are very far separated by human way of thinking, but we can still reach each other, as long as we are living. 

May God grant us Christian love and faith and understanding, if the latter is missing it could be hell on earth, living close together. I wish and beg God’s majesty, this that all of you will receive this in well-being. As far as we are and our friends and families are concerned, we are pretty much alright. I can’t say anything about our spiritual life, only God knows best. When I want to praise myself. I have to praise my weakness. 

Wilhelm Tanken’s wife in Regenwalde, who is our sister in law [brother’s wife], died last year and he married his second wife out of our “Klugs” family. Wilhelmine Klughere in Trestin has married Ferdinand Steinwehr, from Stuchow. His parents are still living and the oldest brother Wilhelm, intends to go to America too. It is said around here that many families will go to America this summer. Who knows what 

God is saying, you go as far as right here and no farther, because most of them are going to gain earthly riches, and not for religious reasons. 

Here in our Pomerania more churches have been organized where our Lutheran Religion has its public church service; if we are really concerned about where our faith is practiced may the good Lord help us. But if we are moving away for any earthly reasons: not for God, then may the dear Lord destroy our intentions. Because it says in the hym “O how far are those back who only ask in the world where are riches.” 

Beloved brother! Since we have not any news since Nov. 16, 1848 where we have learned, brother in law, that Christian Dobberphul, your dear father. died Oct.10 though we do not know if others are alive. Last fall we went to Brendemühl at Martin Dobberphul’s who said that at Morgow some who had written claim that Ludwig Groth died in America. Then we walked on to Grambow where I heard of Caroline Uttech that her friends bad not reported of it. Now I request once more for an answer. I have written several times last summer with no answer. The last letter I sent I do not know if you received. I have an opportunity to send this along - wish you receive this. 

In the letter referring to father’s death l have seen that you all promise me of the 250 [dollar?] which Koeller retained then for us. Martin Dobberphul received the obligation [trust] and I consider this promise as compassionate friendship, love and am very thankful - l have also talked with Martin about it 

but he does not want to know anything of it and he declares this money was transferred to him in trust of fathers’ passing away; But he also thinks you should declare your opinions by a further writing from you. At this time he will not give it to me. 

Right now I live with my little Hermann at our brother Wilhelm Klug in Trestin. Johann Tank is now a school teacher at Staarz and has Henriette Gesslern from Wittenfelde for his wife and his mother also lives with them. Albertine Tank is married to the “half farmer” Uttech in Wittensfelde and has three stepchildren and one daughter. 

Now I request an answer soon and am writing all friends and relatives one thousand times: Wilhelmine Klug, our brother Wilhelm and wife and children; the widow Dorothea Muller who in her old age is still with us. 

Adieu and fair well 

Carl Johann Gottlieb Klug 

Trestin, Treptow April 22, 1851