Collection: Raster Family Letters

Author: Hermann Raster

Recipient: Askan Raster

Description: Letter from Hermann Raster to his brother, Askan Raster, October 30, 1856.

Hermann Raster to Askan Raster, October 30, 1856

English Text

New York, 30. October 1856

Dear Brother,

Just a few lines – as I am very rushed because of the coming election - I want to thank you for taking care of my money matters. Right after receiving the bills of exchange I certified them to you with stenographic symbols on each of the cover of 8 newspaper mailings, which I sent you on the most recent steamer to Bremen. I hope you received them and found the words written on the covers. I'm sorry you didn't send me the expenses which you undoubtedly incurred; I will repay you in one way or another.

In the Abendzeitung issue of October 5 you will also have seen printed the excerpt from your letter regarding the departure of the crown prince from Dessau. Several stupid typographical errors were not caught by the proofreader.
Congratulations to your birthday tomorrow, or rather today, because as I am writing this shortly before midnight here it is already 6 o'clock in the morning there.

I also have a little family news to give you. On October 21 you became uncle to a little native born American, named Mathilde Raster. Mother and child are well. The former bas been up and about for several days, the latter howls as though she wanted to train to be a singer.

I still haven't heard from Sophie about what we sent her in April; you don't have to keep it a secret from her that both Bertha and I are quite annoyed.
Köppe has also written that nothing can be done about Katz but Köppe consoles us with the hope that he may give up the guardianship.
I don't believe anything the fellow says anymore.

Best regards, your brother Hermann