Collection: Weinhardt Family Letters

Author: Johanna Weinhardt

Description: Letter from Margarete Weinhardt and her daughters Johanna and Marie Weinhardt to their cousin, William W. Weinhardt, January 18, 1924.

Margarete Weinhardt and Johanna Weinhardt and Marie Weinhardt to William W. Weinhardt, January 18, 1924

English Text

Schwabach, January 18, 1924

My Dears,

We received your package on January 12, 1924. We were very surprised and pleased to receive it. Had you been able to look in on us as we opened the package, you would have seen how amazed we were at each of the valuable things. Each item was given to the person you specified. This has brought me unending joy. I will have my dress made for my silver wedding anniversary. We have already been married 25 years. How are you all doing, my dears? From our hearts, we wish you good health. How do you celebrate Christmas? Did the Christ child come? We had a sad Christmas, because our Philipp had a hard fall on Christmas Eve and re-broke his leg. He had first broken his leg about 3 months ago and had finally healed to the point where he could once again attend school. You can imagine that Christmas was not joyful for us. Now, he has to once again lay in bed with his plaster cast and splint. You have given us such great happiness for which we thank you a thousandfold. We could never repay your kindness. If Hans comes to you, my daughters will knit something for you dear Aunt as keepsakes. We are having a very severe winter here, and many poor will certainly freeze. It is a shame that we don’t speak the same language, because we cannot always read your letters ourselves.

On February 1, 1923 we will transfer to Windsheim. Although it is not far from Schwabach, we will still not be spared the work of packing. So when you write again, you must no longer send your letters to Schwabach.

but send them to W i n d s h e i m, Bavaria

Again, thanks so very much for all the good you have done for us in this short time. Heartfelt best wishes to you from


Thankful Frau Weinhardt

Dear Uncle and Aunt,

We also wish to express our heartiest thanks for all the beautiful things you sent us. We were overwhelmed with irrepressible joy. Mama was moved to tears as we unpacked. I will make a beautiful black dress for her silver wedding anniversary which is on March 13. And thank you dear Aunt for the beautiful stockings which we really needed. On Jan. 19 we attended a Ball wearing the nice shoes you sent us. Now, dear Aunt and Uncle, I must close. We have much work to do and only eight days until our move to Windsheim.

With heartfelt greetings, we remain your

always thankful nieces,

Hanne and Marie Weinhardt.