Collection: Weinhardt Family Letters

Author: William W. Weinhardt

Recipient: John V. Weinhardt

Description: Letter from William W. Weinhardt to his cousin, John V. Weinhardt, February 11, 1924.

William W. Weinhardt an John V. Weinhardt, 11. Februar 1924

English Text

Weinhardt’s Secret Service Bureau


W. W. WEINHARDT, Ex-Sheriff of Tippecanoe County, Indiana, Manager

LaFayette, Indiana, Feb 11, 1924

Dear Johann,

I received your letter of January 15, many thanks. You will be surprised to see that I am writing this letter in German. I have a young man in my office who came from Germany 20 months ago, and he is writing this letter for me.

In case you come over here, you need to give me your full name, your age, and what your work in Germany has been or if you are still in school.

I don’t think I can meet you in New York, but I will make sure all arrangements are made for you.

I have enclosed a card so that you know my address in LaFayette, and write me from New York or send a telegram letting me know when you will arrive and by what means. Enclosed are a half dozen business cards. When you come to LaFayette, you just need to show a card and the people can tell you where I live.

If I can find out what train you plan to travel with, then I can pick you up at the train station, so let me know if possible.

When you receive this letter, all will be ready for you to start this journey on June 1. 

My friend is writing this letter for you, and I will write often, and please write to me in one week or so.

With best regards to all, I am

Your Uncle William Weinhardt