Collection: Weinhardt Family Letters

Author: Philipp Weinhardt

Description: Letter from Philipp Weinhardt to his brother, John V. Weinhardt, May 3, 1925.

Philipp Weinhardt to John V. Weinhardt, May 3, 1925

English Text

Windsheim, 3 May 25

Dear Hans,
You have probably already received the newpaper and photography that I sent. Today, I am sending my photographs. One for you and one for Uncle and Aunt. Choose which one you want. I have been working at Schmotzer
 since Monday. Every day from 7-12 and from 1-6 o’clock. Those are my hours. The other workers start at 6 and work until 12 and them from 1-6 in the afternoon and then from 7-9 in the evening. Then another group starts at 6 in the evening and work until 2 o’clock. Schmotzer is operating at full capacity. I stand in front of a drill press all day long and drill holes.

Nothing has changed for ___. In the mornings she is freezing cold, and in the evenings she has horrible stomach pain. We are hoping for better weather. Right now it’s raining and storming a lot. Today, Marie and Frau Pfister visited.

You probably already know about our election results. Hindenburg won the Reich Presidency by 1 million votes over his main opponent, Marx, the centrist candidate of the Democrats and Social Democrats. The Communists had Thälmann as their candidate.who received only 2 million votes. Hindenburg had over 14 million, and Marx over 13 million. There were demonstrations for Hindenburg everywhere.

How is your english coming along? Right now I am doing a technology self-study. I already purchased the introductory lessons consisting of 3 chapters.

At the moment Mother is washing dishes, Hanna is in bed, Marie talks a lot of nonsense and asks too many questions, Scholli is in the office next to me digesting while licking his dirty paws, and Ammi is staring intently at Mitzi as Mitzi plays with her toy. Now I think that covers everything. Father is out, Frau Pfister is gabbing with Mother, Ammi is barking, Mitzi is sitting in the chestnut tree, Scholli is asleep...

That’s it for me. I wonder what people do who have a lot of free time? All the best to Uncle and Aunt and to you