Author: Clara Haase

Recipient: Helene Mueller

Description: Letter from Clara Haase to Helene Mueller, January 5, 1922

Clara Haase to Helene Mueller, January 5, 1922

English Text

New address: Charlottenstrasse 33 Stuttgart, 5/1 '22 My dear Mueller family! First of all I want to wish you a healthy New Year. I keep looking for a few nice lines from you; I know you wrote my dear son that you don't plan to send a package, since the German gentleman told you it would be better to send some other kind of support. I'm now quite reduced [?] in circumstances, since I was forced to move, which cost 1300 Marks. I haven't received a Pfennig of interest from Russia since 1914. Now I sell one piece after another and discover each time anew, with tears, that you can't make a lasting agreement with the forces of destiny. Now we must not only pay a residency tax, but a tax on each room as well. All foodstuffs have gone up; one pound of butter costs 40 Marks, milk 380 per liter, 100# potatoes 85 Marks; soon people will no longer be able to fill their stomachs. I'd like to write more, but overseas letters now cost 4 Marks and if it weighs more, then 8 Marks, so even here there are restrictions. Will close now with best regards to you and your husband, and hope to hear from you soon. Your Clara Haase.

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