Collection: Weinhardt Family Letters

Author: Johann P. Weinhardt

Description: Letter from Johann P. Weinhardt to his son, John V. Weinhardt, and relatives William W. and Carrie Weinhardt, July 28, 1925.

Johann P. Weinhardt to John V. Weinhardt and William W. Weinhardt and Carrie Weinhardt , July 28, 1925

English Text

To Uncle and Aunt,

We all send you our very best. Many thanks for the kind care you have provided for my son. We ask you to prepare Hans for the upcoming winter. He is not familiar with the winter conditions there, and neither are we. We also ask from our hearts that you continue to watch over Hans.

We hope you are both healthy and doing well, which thank God is also the case with us at the moment. Here, things have been getting worse in the past few months. Wages are too low. Getting enough food is challenging. For instance: I receive 173 Marks each month. From that I have to pay 41Marks in taxes and rent, leaving 131Marks to feed 4 persons for 30 days. Today, meat costs 2.60 to 3.00Marks per Kg, Bread is 52-56 pfennigs per Kg, etc. Buying clothing and shoes is out of the question. Only the top 10,000 can afford these things. If this trend continues, the vast majority of the population will be walking around in their birthday suits.

Now enough with the complaining. Very best regards from us all, your thankful family. Hans Weinhardt