Collection: Weinhardt Family Letters

Author: Johann P. Weinhardt

Description: Letter from Johann P. Weinhardt to his son, John V. Weinhardt, March 9, 1927.

Johann P. Weinhardt to John V. Weinhardt, March 9, 1927

English Text

Windsheim, 9 March 1927

My Dear Hans,

We received your letter and cards. I am glad to hear that you are healthy and doing well. Also, we got the paper with the article about you and your sheriff. We are, thank God, doing reasonably well. All are hale and healthy.

Tomorrow, I will send you a ham and 12 pairs of smoked Bratwurst. I think it will all stay good, and will remain tasty until it gets in your hands. Once you get the package, let us know how much customs duty you had to pay and how everything looked.

At the moment, we are raising two hogs and one will be butchered in October. I think we will sell the other one.

When you write again, let us know what your monthly wages are and how you are doing. But be honest with us, because we have heard that things are not going all that well for you. If that is the case, we will send you the fare so you can travel back home.

There is no interesting news here to share. Give our best regards to Aunt and Uncle. How is Uncle doing, by the way? Has he recovered? We all hope he gets well soon.

So dear Hans, share with us what we want to know, and with this letter I convey my heartfelt best wishes.

your Father
Philipp send his regards. He will write to you himself.